Top Five Best Beach Resorts in The World

The resort is always a good place to spend vacation, relaxation, or recreation. There are thousands of resorts available in the world, where millions of tourists visit each year. Here we will provide reviews of the best beach resort in the world.

The top five best beach resorts around the world

5. Amanpuri, Phuket

Amanpuri, Phuket is a beautiful resort on the beach. This place can be found in Thailand. Design and form of decoration that was there made very closely with a variety of buaday Thailand. This place has been built since tahun1987 still open to the public. Not only offers beautiful beaches with white sand blue waters but the place also offers a farm and a garden filled with mangrove trees around it.

4. Cotton House, Mustique

Cotton House, Mustique was probably a place that provides the freedom and convenience. This place is also known as cotton runs with views of the Caribbean Sea in the west and the Atlantic Ocean on its eastern part. Besides convenience, we will also get full facilities in those resorts and hotels. Some of the facilities offered there are massages and treatments that stimulate and restore, promoting relaxation, healing, and balance.

3. Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita

The next is included in the top 5 in the world falls at Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. This is a place that offers four swimming pools and two tennis courts, a cooking class with the chef, Fitness Centre, tennis and golf games, bike to exercise and enjoy the environment, yoga facilities, snorkeling excursions, Kids for All Seasons program. For the scenery on offer, not just only the views of the blue sea around us, we can also see green fields which are fresh coconut trees, mixed with water views.

2. Resort Maui Wailea

Four Season Resort Maui Wailea seems to have dominated the ranks of the best resort of Four Seasons. Not only managed to build a resort in almost all major countries, but also able to build the world’s best one. Beautiful places in Wailea offers gentle ocean views combined with the luxury resort buildings decorated like a classic castle. Among the facilities provided there is whale watching, Outrigger canoe courses, snorkeling and scuba diving, three pools, use of tennis courts and rackets, golf, Club Floor Lounge, Three boutiques, Kids for All Seasons program, and game room.

1. Viceroy Anguilla

Viceroy Anguilla is the last best resort in the top five. American is in the north with many amenities offered are dark blue ocean views with beautiful waves, the shape of the building is very modern and the resort of international standard. Forms of decorations are made with a very convenient, is dominated by white color that contrasts with the view of the blue sea and the green grassy park complete with palm trees in the vicinity.