Tel Aviv Beaches, Hotels, And Culture A Beautiful City Of Israel

Do you know where the capital city of Israel is? That is Jerusalem, but don’t you know that Israel also has the de facto capital city? That is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the metropolitan city in Israel that is included one of the beautiful places. It is located near Jaffa city or more known as Yafo.

In 1950 Yafo and Tel Aviv gather together as one city that is called Tel Aviv-Yafo. There are also some Palestine people who live in Yafo. It is not surprising that this city will be the second overpopulated city in Israel. The people of Tel Aviv are called Tel Avivian. It is also the place for many foreign embassies. PBB and many countries in the world more admit this city as the capital city of Israel than Jerusalem.

Here you will see the luxurious life with many Bauhaus buildings that are very beautiful and it can be one of our holiday destinations. Not only that the whitey city of Tel Aviv also included as one of the sites of UNESCO world heritage in 2003. Tel Aviv also can be said included as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not only that there, but also the place as the center of economic, financial capital, and business center.

For we who interested in architecture, we can come here because there, is a place for many architecture world levels that is influential with history. Many buildings and places have the classic type that merges with modern type, we can see from the roof of the house, City Park, the building shape, and many others.

The famous building in that city is Bauhaus. It is located in the center city of Tel Aviv. It is a modern building that has 5000 typestyles. However, it has been protected by UNESCO. There are also some buildings that shattered and ignored. Some people still try to make this place as previously. This city is the best place visited by tourists in the middle east and Africa.

Not only that this Tel Aviv also provides the nightlife that is quite popular. Some biggest hotels also built there such as Crown Plaza, Sheraton, Dan, Isrotel, and Hilton. In addition in this place also provide around 44 hotels. There are also the best beaches, the famous Hayarkon Park and many other places.