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Musee Rodin Dedicated To French sculptor Auguste Rodin

The Musee Rodin is a museum which is entirely dedicated to the works of Auguste Rodin. It is situated in Paris, France. Musee Rodin consists of two spots, one is at the Hotel Biron and the grounds around it and Villa des Brillants at Hauts-de-Seine just outside the Rodin’s old home. The collection is of 8000 drawings, 8000 old photographs, 6600 sculptures, and 7000 objets d’art. Musee Rodin welcomes around 700,000 tourists and visitors each year.

Musee Rodin interior classical designs.

Musee Rodin interior classical designs.

Hotel Biron was used as the workshop of Rodin when he used to live in Villa des Brilliants. He donated all his paintings and sculptures to the French government provided that they display his works through a museum. He also donated the paintings by Pierre Auguste Renoir and Vincent van Gogh. The Musee Rodin consists of Rodin’s creations which included The Kiss, The Gates of Hell, and The Thinker. The museum is situated near the Metro Stop Varenna and is easily accessible. There are a café and a small lake behind the museum. Furthermore, the Varenne, Metro Stop, features Rodin’s sculptures on the platform.

The museum also contains a special room for the works of Camille Claudel. Monet, Van Gogh, and Renoir’s collections are also shown. The Musee collections are very diverse and have a variety of collections. Recently there were many exhibitions. In 2005 there was La sculpture dansl’espace which received as many as 82,000 visitors. In 2007, 84000 visitors went to the les figures d’Eros by Rodin. In 20008, the exhibition of Chamille Claudel received 150,000 visitors at une femme, une artiste. Similarly, La Passion l’œuvre and Corps et decors were arranged in 2008-2009 and 2010 respectively.

Contemporary art exhibitions are also arranged each year where many artists participate.