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Arc De Triomphe An Impressive Monument In Paris, Frnce

Arc de Triomphe is one of the monuments in Paris which is in the center of the Place Charles located in the Louvre on the west. It is made for those people who were dying in the Napoleonic wars in France, for giving honor to them. arc de Triomphe was designed By Jean Chagrin. If we talk about its structure in height it is 50 meters, 22 meters deep, 45 meters wide. It is set for the public in which they get knowledge and it’s also for the patriotic messages.

The construction of arc de Triomphe was started in 1806 by the French Emperor Napoleon. He wanted to give the honor of the grand army at that time. This Grandee army had conquered most of Europe for that time, but this construction was stopped between 1814 to 1826 but after the death of Napoleon’s this monument construction was started in 1836. The whole cost of this monument building is 9.3 million which is the big amount for that time.

Arc de triomphe is considered as the Linchpin which id the historic axis. Thoroughfares it comes with a route which is stretched from the courtyard of the Louvre Palace. It contains the signature work of Antoine Entex, Jean Pierre Cartel and James Raider. It is also called the” Place de Toile”. This whole monument is totally decorated with the tradition of sculptural style which starts from the nineteenth century.
If we talk about the monument, it contains four sculptures in the monuments. Le Depart in 1792 which was built by Francois Rude, Le Triumphed in 1810 which was built by Jean-Pierre Corot, Le Resistance in 1814 which was built by Antoine Entex and La Paik in 1815 by him too. They are so many attractive that people can’t stop to look them only.

Arc De Triomphe Paris at night view

Arc De Triomphe Paris at night view

For visitors Arc De Triomphe is one of the attractive places. This monument also contains a lift which will take you on the top, it is the small museum but it contains large models which tell the story about the construction of their times and it contains a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Paris.