Sainte Chapelle Royal Medieval Gothic Chapel Paris

La Sainte Chapelle means ‘The Holy Chapel’ is situated at the center of Paris, France. It is an ancient royal medieval Gothic Chapel which lies on the Ile de la Cite nearby Palais de la Cite.

King Louis IX started this project around sometime after 1239 and the Sainte Chapelle soon became the best achievements of the Rayonnant era of Gothic architecture. It was constructed to display the collection of King Louis’s collection of Antique Relics. The most important relic among them was Christ’s Crown of Thorns. Along with La Conciergerie, Saint Chapelle is among the buildings of the Capetian royal Palace which survived on Ile de la Cite. It also contains one of the most widespread in-situ collections of 13th century stained glass.

Sainte Chapelle Paris, France

Sainte Chapelle Paris, France

The Rayonnant ear and phase can be clearly highlighted by the Gothic Architecture of Sainte Chapelle. There is a powerful vertical sense which was emphasized in the design. It is standing over the square chapel which was being primarily used as a community church for gatherings of all the citizens. Catholic Church also declared King as a Saint. Today, any visitor would enter the courtyard and a grand staircase to the right can be seen. The overall design is made up of contemporary metalwork made by goldsmiths. The interior is majorly dominated by an array of stained glass.

The most famous features of the Sainte Chapelle are the huge, brightly colored stained glass windows. 15 large windows were used to cover the apse and nave, while a great window of ‘rose’ is dominating the whole of the west wall of the Chapelle. The windows of the nave are showing the Old Testament paradigms of perfect kingship or queenship in a gesture to their loyal supporters. The west most major window narrates the story of King with many scenes that show the discovery of Christ’s relics, the miracles they encountered, and the transfer to Paris.

Saint Chapelle since 1862 remained to be a national historic monument where millions of people just come to appreciate the architecture. Even though it is much smaller but compared to many other buildings, this jewel box edifice is counted as among the most beautiful breath-taking constructions of the world.