Moreton Bay And Islands Queensland Australia

Moreton Bay is situated on the east coast of Australia which is at a distance of 45 km from Queensland. The Bay is popular for its fish market and is one of the most important coastal sources of Queensland. The Bay is also a runway for many shipping channels. Ferries, barges and water-taxis are always found functional in the area.

The area remained to be a dispute between European and Australian inhabitants in the past because of its biodiversity, large areas of sandbanks, and extremely important habitats. The dugong is only found at this bay. It is often called as Logoonal because of the existence of barrier islands restricting the flow. The shallow depth of the Bay supports the growth of a diverse range of fauna and a range of different marine plants. The bay covers an area of 1,532-kilometer square.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is under the supervision of Moreton Island National Park. Saint Helena Island National Park and Moreton Bay Marine Park are situated at the Bay. IN 1971, Parts of Moreton Bay was listed as a wetland with International Importance by Ramsar Wetland Convention.

Sandbanks are everywhere on Moreton Bay in between Skirmish Point on Bribie Island and Tangalooma.
Recreational fishing is a part of the history of the Bay and thousands of people participate annually in the competition Moreton Bay Classic Fishing Run. The participation forms are available online.

Moreton Bay Activities

Tourists are attracted to water sports such as wind-surfing, water skiing; get skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Snorkeling is especially famous in Tangalooma. Another well-known competition is Inter-club Bay Cruise. It is held in September attracting more than 90 competitors. It is the biggest marine event that is held in Queensland.

As much as 25% of Australia’s species of birds nest in the healthiest region of Moreton Bay which has mudflats and wetlands. 50,000 birds visit the bay annually, reflecting its importance and culture. 1% of the Moreton Bay consists of Coral Reef. Many species of fishes such as Sharks, dugongs, turtles, dolphins, and whales can also be found here. The area is also known for its anglers. Slipper Lobster or Moreton Bay Bug makes an appetizing dish for visitors.