Pink Hillier Lake Of Western Australia

When we talk about any lake one thing is come in our mind, it will look like a pool which contains blue water but there is one lake which does not contain blue but pink water. This pink lake is originally known as a hillier lake. It is situated in the Middle Island of Western Australia. If you see it from above Ariel’s view, it’s will look alike a bubble in pink color. It is 600 meters long and it’s along by a border of sand.

This charming and beautiful Hillier Lake was discovered in the year 1802 by Captain Flanders. He found it when he moves to the island top and sees some pink water. This lake is separated from the blue southern ocean by a very thick strip of the sandhill. Nobody can find why the lake color is pink. The scientist thinks that by bacteria, color comes from the salt crust. it is a mystery for everyone.

As I talked about pink lake discovery, when water is extracted, the pink lake remains untouched. It is magic and due to this many tourists come to see Hillier Lake because it one of a natural wonder. The pink color is a mystery for people because nobody can find it why this lake color is pink.

While you visit the Pink Hillier Lake, you can also do plenty of things in Esperance. There is a museum that displays a lot of things related to this mysterious place. You can also enjoy many activities like scuba diving, whale watching, cycling, walking, horse riding, abseiling and kayaking, etc. It is also said that Hillier Lake is recognized for birdlife international, it is an important bird area because it holds different numbers of birds who are migrated from other places or inherited.

Overall Hillier Lake is a very beautiful place to visit. Yes, It is very astonishing because of its color but you can do some activities as well. Hillier Lake attracted tourists due to its pink color and its surrounding with trees and sand. It is a beautiful and awesome picture of any scenery. You can’t move your eye when you see Hillier Lake.