Great Wall Of China The Seven Wonder Of The World

Great Wall of China, well who does not know this wall? This wall must have been widely known to people all over the world. Great Wall is located in one of the world’s most populous country, China, not only known for the large size of this wall, but also the longest wall in the world and had become 7 wonders of the world.

Another greatness of this long wall is that, it is the only men built place that can be clearly seen from the moon. Incredible! Isn’t it? Certainly the greatness of this architect has made many people curious with a direct view. Therefore it is not surprising that the Great Wall has become one of the attractions owned by china. Certainly many visitors and tourists who come have made huge benefits for the country.

History Of The Great Wall

History of the establishment of this great wall began in several kingdoms china, attacking each other. One of the royal which became the winner, try combining his kingdom, with areas in the win. For manufacturing this wall took hundred of years, as it’s not complete in just one or two decade.

The purposes was as well as to protect themselves from attacks and also prevent other regions rise another kingdom that can rival kingdom. Besides it is also said that according to some historical reasons and downs of this wall is to make travel to the city or the countryside there. The construction of the Great Wall is believed to occur during the Ming Dynasty.

Great Wall of China facts

Great Wall is also widely referred to as the giant wall of china, made from volcanic rocks collected and arranged well in ancient times. Length of this wall reaches 8850 km. length is unknown after holding the calculations performed by the Agency for Surveys and Mapping and the Cultural Heritage Administration of People’s Republic of China. The size of the average range of this wall can reach 5000 km.

At some point of the wall was also built a tower beacon, this is a kind of reminder that will be lit if there is an enemy or to be used for staking other areas. Among the parts of the great wall china includes Chengqiang or defensive walls or gates as high as 10 meters, there is also a Chenglou, or tower gate or door borders, Wangchen is a small wall in front of the gate. More forward than Wangchen gate, there is another door again called Luocheng, the last one is Ditches and drains were built around the wall, aiming to slow the enemy and facilitate the attack of the wall.

Great Wall On Mountain a View from top

Great Wall of China stairs, if you want go on this wall you need to climb on these stairs as well