Bahamas 3000 Islands Country Located In Atlantic Ocean

Earth is made up of the land and sea, the land that is also divided into 5 major continents and hundreds of thousands of divided islands around the world. Including the small islands is scattered. Few countries that have many islands in the region often referred to as the island nation. Talk about the island nation, one country that is quite interesting is the Bahamas. This is one country that has many beautiful islands in it, even Bahamas or often known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, which has a total of 3000 islands.

Bahamas Atlantis resort

As a country that has thousands of beautiful islands, it will invite many tourists to visit the country. for it was one of the resort and lodging businesses is one of the many profitable businesses. Bahamas resort, it is no doubt, has a lot of built very beautiful, well-equipped and there is also a variety of shapes and options.

Among them are some lovely inn is Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island. This is one of the international resorts in the Bahamas rated as the sixth-best in there. But it also contained the Old Bahama Bay also has a cozy atmosphere of its own, became one of the innkeepers were quite comfortable, and in order to four in the list of the best resort in the Bahamas.

For a resort that offers tranquility and beauty, you can choose the Green Turtle Club Marina as a place to stay. Besides that, there are also some names that are not a less beautiful resort and cozy covers Grand Lucayan, Atlantis Paradise Island, and many more.

Weather in the Bahamas

While visiting a tourist spot is better if we know where the weather conditions, for some additional information, Bahamas has a subtropical and tropical climatic condition and has four seasons of the year. There is also the rainy season in August until October.

Bahamas Sights To See

Not only has a beautiful island and clean, but we will also be offered a view of the best of the Bahamas like Cable Beach, a beach known for its golden beaches. Offers ocean views, are incredibly beautiful. in addition, there is also a Lucayan National Park, a park which was also amazing. There are also Blue Lagoon Island, a private island open to the public, and offering a no less beautiful than the other islands. In addition, there is also Peterson Cay National Park which offers fantastic views of under the sea.