Angkor Temples Largest Religious Monument In The World

If we talk about the ancient temples there are two great temples in Southeast Asia, one is in Burma and the other in Cambodia. Angkor Temples was civilized between 802 to 1220 A.D. It represents one of the most architectural achievement. The Khmer Kings ruled over for a vast domain from Vietnam to China to the Bay of Bengal. It is the religious, administrative, social building and also contain public building, palaces and other houses which were built in the woods for a long time.

The land where Angkor Temple stands chosen for the settlement site because of its agricultural potential and military position. Many of the other scholars believed that their position was based on according to the planet-spanning from archaic times. It became the pilgrimage destination through South-Eastern Asia. In 1431 and 1432 Angkor Temple was totally Sacked by Thais and it was totally forgotten for the centuries. They were ignorant because of its mysterious sanctuaries, that they had been built by the gods in ancient times. Most people believed that they were only legends. Only a few European travelers knew about the truth.

Angkor Temple was not the place for worship or prayer for the king but to pray for God. It was constructed with a three-dimensional form which looks adorable, stunning, and beautiful because it contains religious art because Angkor Temple was the instrument for the human because of the realization of the divine. One of the problems was found when the protective hands withdrew. The tropical forest is an architectural monument when the roofs, courtyards, chambers were stopped further for the deterioration and the inner side was cleared of bushes and also about the thick undergrowth. Many of the other temples were restored and they were comprised of one of the best sites for the Khmer architecture.

Every year annually two million people come to visit Angkor Temple to see this religious place mostly they visit the Angkor Thom and others , to see its beautiful work of architecture. Angkor Temple protected by UNESCO and it is one of the World Heritage sites.