Byron Bay Australia Popular For Its Beaches & Surfing

Byron Bay is a point which is situated in Australia, which contains a number of beaches and it is a famous tourist destination. It is situated on the north coast of South Wales. This place contains a population of about 9000. Its average temperature is about 21 to 28 degrees centigrade and its average winter temperature is about 15 to 21 degrees centigrade. The tourists who come to see this place enjoy lot of outdoor activities and here they enjoy many festivals as well over the year. In history it is said they due to violent eruption it formed a crater due to good weather, beaches, lovely beauty with lovely white pearl sands.

If we talk about this place in history, it was a place for meeting for goods traded as well and besides that, it is also for drug settings as well and for marriage partners also. Today in the world, this place is one of the best destinations. It is a true place for everyone and for sandy, it is also a hot spot as well. Even for winter months it is loved and endured by its white beaches. Blue skies, azure waters are the best settings for the families, friends and even for young people as well. People who take wave by wave it takes heart.

There are many attractions places to see like Hot air ballooning, surfing lessons, scuba diving, Cape Byron lighthouse, wildlife tours, national; park walks. One of the interesting places you will live the most is the crystal castle. If you love water you should sea kayaking where you will hang out with dolphins. Besides that, you will hang out with boutiques, restaurants, pubs, cafes and this beach is available with all the varieties of things with all luxurious wealthy.

Overall it is a perfect place for destination as well. People love to come here, to spend their time with their families and with their friends as well. It is a perfect point for relaxation, overall it is the best place for enjoying. If you are visiting Australia you should visit this place.