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Eiffel Tower Cultural Icon of Paris, France

If you come to Paris you want to visit Eiffel Tower or not you will see this tallest tower from all over the City. Eiffel Tower was built in the end of the 19’Th century and become the world tallest structure in the world.

The overall height of the Tower is 320 Meters or 1050 feet, its same tall as an eighty story building. The construction took two years to complete and the tower remains the world tallest building until 1930 as the Chrysler Building complete.

More than seven million people from all around the world visit here, it’s also the most visited paid monument in the world. You will also see this Tower as a symbol of Paris or France as in many films shot in here.

Can you believe inside the tower also have many good restaurants and shops. As you take stairs up inside the tower there are three levels first level you can reach by walking three hundred steps. On first level you can stay refresh yourself or continue to second level which also on same distance as first one. If you want go to top this only can be accessible by lift, but going to top level you need to buy higher price ticket.

The ticket is vary according to your visit type, if you just use stairs to reach second level its around 5 euro, if using Elevator than 8.50 euro you must pay.  To reach to top level the tick price is higher around 14 euro, the prices are different for youngsters and children under 4 years old are free. If you have plan to visit Eiffel Tower buy the ticket from before otherwise there can be delay and waste of time.