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River Seine A Romantic Destination In Paris, France

Everyone knows about Notre Dame Cathedral as the epicenter of the city of Paris, albeit the true royal essence is the river Seine. River Seine is like the reflection of the city. Not only tourists and visitors are attracted to this portion but also poets, novelists, painters, architects and lovers are attracted to the breath-taking beauty. It cuts the city of Paris right through its heart. The river also was called as Sequana and holds the position of the chief commercial waterway. Nearly 50% of the water that is used in a rich city is taken from the river. The river also provides a way for the city’s transportation.

Seine River and Eiffel Tower

There are as many as thirty-seven bridges on the Seine River inside Paris. The most antique one is Pont Neufwhich has been painted so many times by artists and have also come in the 20th-century movies. A small island is also situated near the river where many boats take tours. Be it any season, people from the world come here to have sunbathed near the gardens. The other popular bridge is Pont Des Arts which is a pedestrian. It has a magnificent view of the city. People often come to visit this place with their family and have picnics. There are 100s of strollers, cyclists, joggers, and sunbathers found here.

In summers, the main attraction is the Paris Beach which practically is a part of the pedestrian bank. It is worth exploring and there are many cafes, restaurants there. The embankments made of stone are under the protection of UNESCO and are listed as one of the World’s Heritage Site. The best way to experience the view is to get in a taxi.

River Seine is seen by many as the cycle of life as it has drowned many great warriors during the French revolution. Batobus is like a bus service that travels around the river. The river lovers who want to stay near the river should book hotels like Hotel Albe, Hotel Verneuil, Hotel De Orsay, Hotel CItadines Aparthotel Saint Germain Des Pres, Hotel le Notre Dame and last but not the least, the four-star hotel Les Rives de Notre-Dame which are at the right bank of the river.