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Jardin du Luxembourg Gardens Second Largest Public Park In Paris

The Jardin du Luxembourg is the 2nd largest public park in Paris situated in the 6th arrondissement of Paris in France. The park is in actual the garden of the French State. It is also housing the beautiful Palace of Luxembourg. In 1611, Marie de Medicis ordered to build a palace like the Pitti Palace. She bought the hotel du Luxembourg and the construction begun. She planted around 2000 elm trees and she directed Mr. Tommaso Francini to make a park exactly like she fantasized. The Medici Fountain was hence built to the east of the palace. The park was covering an area of sixty-four hectares square.

The major part of the garden is the green parterre of gravel and there are lots of statues on the basin of water. The garden represents and shows a calm environment. There are statues of old French queens and saints on the terraces. There is a defined playground area for children and their parents. Along with cafes and extremely delicious foods offered by world-class cafes, musical performances are also presented to guests. The orangery displays photography, art, and sculpture.

People enjoy their time at Luxembourg Gardens.

People enjoy their time at Luxembourg Gardens.

The Odeon Theatre and Ecoleb Nationale Superieure des Mines de Paris are present next to Luxembourg Garden. There is also a bronze fountain which represents the efforts of four sculptors, Louis Vuillemot, Pierre Legrain, Emmanuel Fremiet, and Jean- Baptiste Carpeaux. The Medici Fountain was constructed by Marie de Medici around 1630. The architect was Tomasso Francini. He built it in the form of a grotto which is a feature representing the Italian Renaissance garden. It is centered from the east front by the Palais du Luxembourg. The long basin of water was bordered by plane trees and Polyphemus sculptures featuring the lovers’ Galatea and Acis.

Fountain de Leda is a wall fountain that was constructed during the era of Napoleon Bonaparte at the corner of Rue de Vaugirard and Rue du Regard depicting the story of Leda and the Swan.
The gardens were also featured in the popular novel of Victor Hugo Les Miserable’s.

River Seine A Romantic Destination In Paris, France

Everyone knows about Notre Dame Cathedral as the epicenter of the city of Paris, albeit the true royal essence is the river Seine. River Seine is like the reflection of the city. Not only tourists and visitors are attracted to this portion but also poets, novelists, painters, architects and lovers are attracted to the breath-taking beauty. It cuts the city of Paris right through its heart. The river also was called as Sequana and holds the position of the chief commercial waterway. Nearly 50% of the water that is used in a rich city is taken from the river. The river also provides a way for the city’s transportation.

Seine River and Eiffel Tower

There are as many as thirty-seven bridges on the Seine River inside Paris. The most antique one is Pont Neufwhich has been painted so many times by artists and have also come in the 20th-century movies. A small island is also situated near the river where many boats take tours. Be it any season, people from the world come here to have sunbathed near the gardens. The other popular bridge is Pont Des Arts which is a pedestrian. It has a magnificent view of the city. People often come to visit this place with their family and have picnics. There are 100s of strollers, cyclists, joggers, and sunbathers found here.

In summers, the main attraction is the Paris Beach which practically is a part of the pedestrian bank. It is worth exploring and there are many cafes, restaurants there. The embankments made of stone are under the protection of UNESCO and are listed as one of the World’s Heritage Site. The best way to experience the view is to get in a taxi.

River Seine is seen by many as the cycle of life as it has drowned many great warriors during the French revolution. Batobus is like a bus service that travels around the river. The river lovers who want to stay near the river should book hotels like Hotel Albe, Hotel Verneuil, Hotel De Orsay, Hotel CItadines Aparthotel Saint Germain Des Pres, Hotel le Notre Dame and last but not the least, the four-star hotel Les Rives de Notre-Dame which are at the right bank of the river.


Arc De Triomphe An Impressive Monument In Paris, Frnce

Arc de Triomphe is one of the monuments in Paris which is in the center of the Place Charles located in the Louvre on the west. It is made for those people who were dying in the Napoleonic wars in France, for giving honor to them. arc de Triomphe was designed By Jean Chagrin. If we talk about its structure in height it is 50 meters, 22 meters deep, 45 meters wide. It is set for the public in which they get knowledge and it’s also for the patriotic messages.

The construction of arc de Triomphe was started in 1806 by the French Emperor Napoleon. He wanted to give the honor of the grand army at that time. This Grandee army had conquered most of Europe for that time, but this construction was stopped between 1814 to 1826 but after the death of Napoleon’s this monument construction was started in 1836. The whole cost of this monument building is 9.3 million which is the big amount for that time.

Arc de triomphe is considered as the Linchpin which id the historic axis. Thoroughfares it comes with a route which is stretched from the courtyard of the Louvre Palace. It contains the signature work of Antoine Entex, Jean Pierre Cartel and James Raider. It is also called the” Place de Toile”. This whole monument is totally decorated with the tradition of sculptural style which starts from the nineteenth century.
If we talk about the monument, it contains four sculptures in the monuments. Le Depart in 1792 which was built by Francois Rude, Le Triumphed in 1810 which was built by Jean-Pierre Corot, Le Resistance in 1814 which was built by Antoine Entex and La Paik in 1815 by him too. They are so many attractive that people can’t stop to look them only.

Arc De Triomphe Paris at night view

Arc De Triomphe Paris at night view

For visitors Arc De Triomphe is one of the attractive places. This monument also contains a lift which will take you on the top, it is the small museum but it contains large models which tell the story about the construction of their times and it contains a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Paris.

Eiffel Tower Cultural Icon of Paris, France

If you come to Paris you want to visit Eiffel Tower or not you will see this tallest tower from all over the City. Eiffel Tower was built in the end of the 19’Th century and become the world tallest structure in the world.

The overall height of the Tower is 320 Meters or 1050 feet, its same tall as an eighty story building. The construction took two years to complete and the tower remains the world tallest building until 1930 as the Chrysler Building complete.

More than seven million people from all around the world visit here, it’s also the most visited paid monument in the world. You will also see this Tower as a symbol of Paris or France as in many films shot in here.

Can you believe inside the tower also have many good restaurants and shops. As you take stairs up inside the tower there are three levels first level you can reach by walking three hundred steps. On first level you can stay refresh yourself or continue to second level which also on same distance as first one. If you want go to top this only can be accessible by lift, but going to top level you need to buy higher price ticket.

The ticket is vary according to your visit type, if you just use stairs to reach second level its around 5 euro, if using Elevator than 8.50 euro you must pay.  To reach to top level the tick price is higher around 14 euro, the prices are different for youngsters and children under 4 years old are free. If you have plan to visit Eiffel Tower buy the ticket from before otherwise there can be delay and waste of time.


Versailles Palace A Luxury Palace At Paris, France

The Palace of Versailles is a royal chateau situated in Versailles, France. It is also popularly known as Chateau de Versailles. Versailles used to be a country village when chateau was being constructed. It is today one of the richest area of Paris which is twenty kilometers south-west of France capital. The court of Versailles used to be the center of the main politics power of French government since 1682. Hence it has become the symbol of absolute monarchy of Ancient Regime.

Seven enfilade rooms are arranged with a unique configuration according to planets. Chapel was suspended with Salon de Diane, Salle was suspended with Salon de Mars, Antichambre was suspended with Salon de Mercure, Chambre was suspended with Salon de Apollon, Grand cabinet was suspended with Salon de Jupiter, Oratory was suspended with Salon de Saturn and last but not the least Petit Cabinet was suspended with Salon de Venus in the overall Grand Appartment Du Roi.

IN 1678, the Versailles Palace Hall of Mirrors was developed. Marie Leszczynska occupied the Salon of Peace which later became the music room. Nowadays the antichambre room is a theatre for Chateau which used to be the rooms for the King, Queen and royal family. Grand Cabinet was changed into the Salon des Nobles by Marie Antoinette and it act as a drawing room for formal guests. Chambre de la reine was once used to be the queen’s bedroom.

Le petit apartment du roi is a suite of rooms made for the usage of King. Similarly Le petit Apartment de la reine was designed for the use by Queen. The most popular room is the Hall of Mirrors or Galerie des Glaces. Many formal celebrations and ceremonies of the court of French used to be held here. The chapels that were built shows the finest and the most unique architecture of the past. L’Opera was designed to be the venue for wedding festivities of Louis XV’s grandson and was the most beautiful construction. Events are also held at the gardens of Versailles.

Al Stewart who is a popular singer also released one of his album with the song “the Palace of Versailles’ which became the reason for the increasing number of tourists.

Versailles Palace Bedroom

Versailles Palace Bedroom

Versailles Palace Luxury interior hall

Versailles Palace Luxury interior hall

Versailles Palace outside view with beautiful garden.

Versailles Palace outside view with beautiful garden.