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Moreton Bay And Islands Queensland Australia

Moreton Bay is situated on the east coast of Australia which is at a distance of 45 km from Queensland. The Bay is popular for its fish market and is one of the most important coastal sources of Queensland. The Bay is also a runway for many shipping channels. Ferries, barges and water-taxis are always found functional in the area.

The area remained to be a dispute between European and Australian inhabitants in the past because of its biodiversity, large areas of sandbanks, and extremely important habitats. The dugong is only found at this bay. It is often called as Logoonal because of the existence of barrier islands restricting the flow. The shallow depth of the Bay supports the growth of a diverse range of fauna and a range of different marine plants. The bay covers an area of 1,532-kilometer square.

Moreton Island

Moreton Island is under the supervision of Moreton Island National Park. Saint Helena Island National Park and Moreton Bay Marine Park are situated at the Bay. IN 1971, Parts of Moreton Bay was listed as a wetland with International Importance by Ramsar Wetland Convention.

Sandbanks are everywhere on Moreton Bay in between Skirmish Point on Bribie Island and Tangalooma.
Recreational fishing is a part of the history of the Bay and thousands of people participate annually in the competition Moreton Bay Classic Fishing Run. The participation forms are available online.

Moreton Bay Activities

Tourists are attracted to water sports such as wind-surfing, water skiing; get skiing, scuba diving, and snorkeling. Snorkeling is especially famous in Tangalooma. Another well-known competition is Inter-club Bay Cruise. It is held in September attracting more than 90 competitors. It is the biggest marine event that is held in Queensland.

As much as 25% of Australia’s species of birds nest in the healthiest region of Moreton Bay which has mudflats and wetlands. 50,000 birds visit the bay annually, reflecting its importance and culture. 1% of the Moreton Bay consists of Coral Reef. Many species of fishes such as Sharks, dugongs, turtles, dolphins, and whales can also be found here. The area is also known for its anglers. Slipper Lobster or Moreton Bay Bug makes an appetizing dish for visitors.


Sydney Opera House Most Famous Performing Art Center


Sydney Opera house is the multipurpose venue for performing arts in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This place is built by an architect named Jorn Utzon from Denmark and opened in 1973 after winning a design competition in 1957, and also there is Joseph Cahill that New South Wales government provides the opportunity to build Sydney Opera house in 1958. The decision to choose the Jorn Utzon design is often associated with a problem that ever happened before.

The Sydney Opera house has become one of the World Heritage on 28 June 2007 decided by UNESCO. Sydney Opera house is also one of the most distinctive buildings and the most famous of the 20th century as a performing arts center in the world. Sydney Opera house located close to the Sydney Harbour Bridge or known as Bennelong Point. Sydney Opera house surrounded by Sydney central business district, Sydney cove Harbor, and Royal Botanic Gardens inland on three sides.

Sydney Opera house is one of the world’s busiest arts center performances, as more than 1500 performances take place every year in this place. It’s attended by approximately 12 million people each year. Sydney Opera house is a place of many shows including Opera Australia, The Australian Ballet, Sydney Theater Company, and Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Sydney Opera house also a place that has the most popular visitor attractions in Australia, with more than seven million visits every year. This Sydney Opera house now managed by Sydney Opera House Trust under the New South Wales Department of art.

Sydney Opera house built from the ground area of 4 acres of land. And it has a shell roof structure. It is a place of work for some performance below such as The Concert Hall, with 2679 chairs, which is the house of Sydney Symphony Orchestra and another concert. The Theater Opera is a Theater Proscenium with 1507 chairs, usually used by Opera Australia and The Australian Ballet. The theater Drama is the place with 544 available chairs, used by Teatre Sydney Company. And there is the playhouse, the studio, Utzon room, and the forecourt.

It also provides facilities such as record studios, cafes, restaurants, bars, and retail outlets. The tour guide will usually lead us to go to every place there, from the front of the stage to the backstage to see the place that was usually reserved for the cast and crew members staging.

Sydney Opera House and Skyline, Sydney, Australia



Hoover Dam History, Facts And Pictures

For every country Dam is very important from where electricity is generated, which is the main necessity for every human being. Hoover Dam located in the Nevada, Mohave county, Arizona. It is also given the name of Boulder Dam. The Dam was built on Colorado river which separates the two US states Nevada and Arizona. It’s height about 726 ft which is taller than Washington Monument and double taller than the Luxor Casino which is 338 ft. If we talk about its pedestal it is thick as two football fields. Its thickness is 660 ft.

More than 20,00 automobiles on a day drive across the 45 ft because it’s top of the dam very wide There is enough space in Hoover Dam to build a 2 lane road from Seattle from Washington to Miami. Because its dam has a roof it’s electricity period has much water to complete 100 gallons in one second or it can fill 15 average size swimming pools which contain 20,000 gallons each in every second. Its water pipes is 30 ft wide which contains so much water that it can fill 900 bathtubs which are approximately 100 gallons in one second. If we talk about its design or shape, its design is like a curve axe head which is 45 ft wide from the top and from the bottom is 660 ft thick.

When Hoover Dam has full power it can supply 17 generators to the city of 750,000 people and each generator has a weight of about 4 million pounds each. This Hoover dam was manufactured by Lake Mead and from 1931 to 1936 this dam was constructed and during these 96 men was killed in an accident, unfortunately.

If we talk about its cost to build the dam it’s about $2,000,000 of copper pennies which make the copper buses take electricity inside the powerhouse. In America every state has supplied the materials for the construction of this dam and from Los Angeles to Hoover 2700 miles of transmission lines of electricity are sent. Thus it is one of the biggest projects of America from where electricity is sent to all states of America.

Grand Canyon Natural Wonder Of The World Arizona USA

Grand Canyon is a great wonder of nature located in the state of Arizona in the United States. More than 5 million people visit each year to see one of the world’s largest Canyons. Grand Canyon is 450 kilometers long and 30 kilometers wide the depth is more than one mile. To understand this figure first we need to know what Canyon actually stands for. The canyon is a deep ravine between cliffs that craved from the land by a river.

The maximum you will see it in arid areas where the cliffs and rocks are not as harder. The river cut the surrounding area water seeps in rocks cracks freeze and pushes the rocks on the side. Grand Canyon is also craved by the Colorado River. Geologist says that Grand Canyon comes is existence in millions of years of process.

The area is a part of Grand Canyon Park which is one of the most attractive natural parks in the world. There are two parts of Grand Canyon. One is called South Rim and the other is North Rim. Most people visit South rim as it is easy to access and open all the year.

North Rim is difficult to access also its thousand feet higher than the south. North rim is just 16 kilometers away from the southern part but if you go there by car the whole journey is 354 kilometers. If you hiking to go to north rim there is 34-kilometer hiking. The North area is almost closed from October to May. In summer also it’s difficult to access.

Grand Canyon Attraction

Along with sight watching, you can also do some additional activities here. Running, hiking, Rafting, and helicopter tours are also popular among tourists. Lipan Point is a good location to view the canon and also Grand Canyon skyline is a great sight viewing point. There is also few historic building and places in the south rim in Grand Canyon Village. Some most popular are Buckey O’Neill Cabin, Kolb Studio, El Tovar Hotel, and Hopi House.

For hotels and accommodation, you can choose Tusayan town, as its just one mile away from the south rim entrance. Tusayan is a small town and few hotels you will found who offer accommodation at reasonable prices. If you know any other place or any good hotel for stay at Grand Canyon please share it with us.

Grand Canyon beautiful view from up with red color stones.

Great sight views green water with cliffs in the middle.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, view from 7000 feet.

More than five million tourists visit each year to South Rim

Car rally on Grand Canyon

Boating and Rafting is a great attraction. Image Source 7USA8

Bahamas 3000 Islands Country Located In Atlantic Ocean

Earth is made up of the land and sea, the land that is also divided into 5 major continents and hundreds of thousands of divided islands around the world. Including the small islands is scattered. Few countries that have many islands in the region often referred to as the island nation. Talk about the island nation, one country that is quite interesting is the Bahamas. This is one country that has many beautiful islands in it, even Bahamas or often known as the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, which has a total of 3000 islands.

Bahamas Atlantis resort

As a country that has thousands of beautiful islands, it will invite many tourists to visit the country. for it was one of the resort and lodging businesses is one of the many profitable businesses. Bahamas resort, it is no doubt, has a lot of built very beautiful, well-equipped and there is also a variety of shapes and options.

Among them are some lovely inn is Sandals Royal Bahamian Spa Resort & Offshore Island. This is one of the international resorts in the Bahamas rated as the sixth-best in there. But it also contained the Old Bahama Bay also has a cozy atmosphere of its own, became one of the innkeepers were quite comfortable, and in order to four in the list of the best resort in the Bahamas.

For a resort that offers tranquility and beauty, you can choose the Green Turtle Club Marina as a place to stay. Besides that, there are also some names that are not a less beautiful resort and cozy covers Grand Lucayan, Atlantis Paradise Island, and many more.

Weather in the Bahamas

While visiting a tourist spot is better if we know where the weather conditions, for some additional information, Bahamas has a subtropical and tropical climatic condition and has four seasons of the year. There is also the rainy season in August until October.

Bahamas Sights To See

Not only has a beautiful island and clean, but we will also be offered a view of the best of the Bahamas like Cable Beach, a beach known for its golden beaches. Offers ocean views, are incredibly beautiful. in addition, there is also a Lucayan National Park, a park which was also amazing. There are also Blue Lagoon Island, a private island open to the public, and offering a no less beautiful than the other islands. In addition, there is also Peterson Cay National Park which offers fantastic views of under the sea.

Cannes Famous City Of France

Previously Cannes is only a small port city located in southeast France. Cannes becomes a famous city since the city has been hosting the most prestigious film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival, in 1946. In the month of May, the cute city always crowds by many tourists. You will find the majority of Caucasians passing the street, restaurants, shops, and at the Palais des Festival. The Film Festival is held at Palais des Festival. It is the place where you can see some actors, celebrities, directors from closer.

Cannes sited on French Riviera that makes the panorama of the city looks wonderful beside the Mediterranean Sea. All-day long you will see many fishermen passing the river as well as some cruises. At night, Canne’s city is more alive. Many entertainments such as casinos or high-class restaurants are filled up by visitors. Alongside the port, there are many lamps emits the typical romance of France.

Visit the old city surrounded by restaurants and souvenirs shops alongside the street. The old city is the most artistic place in Cannes. There is a place in the old city called Marche Forville. Marche Forville is the best destination for culinary in the city. Not even a single place in Cannes can beat the food varieties like in Marche Forville. You must know that France is one of the places that have the best delicious taste in the world and Marche Forville is the right place to prove it.

From the city you can go to La Croisette. It is a long road in the coastline that bordered by top-class hotels and well-known boutiques. All the buildings are facing the Mediterranean Sea. You can see there are two islands that float in front of you. The two islands that you can visit them in Cannes are St. Honorat and the bigger one is St. Marguerite. The beach in St. Marguerite is wonderful with crystal water. The beach is decorated by palm trees that allow you to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Explore Paris, Five Places To Visit In City Of Love

Paris is a symbol of fashion and Paris is also called “La Ville-Lumiere” or the city of light. No one will deny that Paris is an exotic city. It keeps some masterpieces, history for long centuries, and also some magnificent architectural styles. If you plan to visit Paris, hereunder are some attractions that you may and must-visit during your trip. You may also check out another list of Five must-see spots in Paris.

1. Eiffel Tower Paris

You were not in Paris if you did not visit the Paris iconic tower. It is a symbol of Paris and France as well. The Eiffel is located in Champ de Mars Park. It is the most visited landmark in Paris. The Eiffel is the bestselling top paid tower in the world that visited for at least 250 million visitors. Visitors can go up till the third floor of Eiffel Tower. On the first and second floors you can use lift or stairs, while for the third, you can use lift only. Enjoy the beautiful panorama of Paris from Eiffel. In addition, you can have your food while enjoying the city from above. For another best experience, visit the tower at night and enjoy the “city of the lamp”.

2. Arc de Triomphe

Arc de Triomphe or Triumphal Arch is a famous monument in Paris and it is the biggest gate in world history. The location is exactly at the center of Place Charles de Gaulle. The Arc de Triomphe size is 45 x 22 x 50 meters and decorated by some statues and reliefs that tell the story of Napoleon’s war. You also can walk at the top of the arch. Exactly under the arc of the gate you can see the Unknown Soldier tomb from the World War I. Above the tomb there is an inscription says, ICI REPOSE UN SOLDAT FRANÇAIS MORT POUR LA PATRIE 1914–1918 (“Here lies a French soldier who died for the fatherland 1914–1918″).

There are many interesting stories that you can find on the monument as if the Triumphal Arc wants to tell you the entire history of the world.

3. Louvre Museum

Musee de Louvre or Louvre Museum previously is France Palace. Today it becomes the biggest museum in the world. More than 8 million visitors yearly enter the museum. Louvre houses more than 380,000 objects to exhibit as well as displays more than 35,000 artworks, one of them the famous Leonardo da Vinci painting, Mona Lisa. The Da Vinci Code movie was taken here.

4. Ponts des Arts Paris

Do you want to “LOCK” your love? Then visit Ponts des Arts in Paris. It is beautiful, romantic, and full of love locks.Paris is one of the romantic cities in the world. Paris has a place that called Ponts des Arts or Passarelle des Arts. It is about special bridge that connects the pedestrians from Institute de France and Louvre Museum. The bridge is the most romantic bridge in France. Many young couples write their name on their padlock then they attached it to the bridge and then they throw the key to the river. They believe that their love will be everlasting. It is very touchy, right?

5. Montmartre Paris

It is a small district in Paris. Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, and some other artists’ legend were living in Montmartre. Montmartre is quieter than Paris. The district is like an old city, unique and classic. Montmartre is also called the “Village” of arts and tourism. The place is surrounded by unique and classical architectural buildings, shops, and café. The icon of Montmartre is Sacre Coeur Basilica. It is a white church built on the hilltop of Montmartre. It is a beautiful place to visit. Try to explore the wonderful environment there as well as its vista.

Well, the story will never end at this point. There are still many things and places to describe this dreamland. Paris is like a love song lyrics. Once you write it more you will feel how romantic it is. Paris is not only a city of the lamp but also a city of love.