Cannes Famous City Of France

Previously Cannes is only a small port city located in southeast France. Cannes becomes a famous city since the city has been hosting the most prestigious film festival in the world, the Cannes Film Festival, in 1946. In the month of May, the cute city always crowds by many tourists. You will find the majority of Caucasians passing the street, restaurants, shops, and at the Palais des Festival. The Film Festival is held at Palais des Festival. It is the place where you can see some actors, celebrities, directors from closer.

Cannes sited on French Riviera that makes the panorama of the city looks wonderful beside the Mediterranean Sea. All-day long you will see many fishermen passing the river as well as some cruises. At night, Canne’s city is more alive. Many entertainments such as casinos or high-class restaurants are filled up by visitors. Alongside the port, there are many lamps emits the typical romance of France.

Visit the old city surrounded by restaurants and souvenirs shops alongside the street. The old city is the most artistic place in Cannes. There is a place in the old city called Marche Forville. Marche Forville is the best destination for culinary in the city. Not even a single place in Cannes can beat the food varieties like in Marche Forville. You must know that France is one of the places that have the best delicious taste in the world and Marche Forville is the right place to prove it.

From the city you can go to La Croisette. It is a long road in the coastline that bordered by top-class hotels and well-known boutiques. All the buildings are facing the Mediterranean Sea. You can see there are two islands that float in front of you. The two islands that you can visit them in Cannes are St. Honorat and the bigger one is St. Marguerite. The beach in St. Marguerite is wonderful with crystal water. The beach is decorated by palm trees that allow you to sit and relax while enjoying the beautiful scenery.