Big Ben

Big Ben London The Great Bell Of The Clock


We all have a dream of visiting London, at least once in our life. The London trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited Big Ben.


Officially named Saint Stephen’s Tower – commonly known as the Big Ben, also called Elizabeth tower. This tower is named after the name of Queen Elizabeth II so as to give tribute to her. As it is the worlds famous tourist place to visit, but still the interior of the tower is not open for overseas visitors. But yes, UK residents can visit through their member of parliament.

When the clock was installed in the tower in the 19th century, it was the world’s largest clock at that time . The tower was constructed between 1843 and 1858. It is also known as houses of parliament.
Big Ben


1. Its diameter is 25 ft; hour hand is 9 ft and minute hand is 14 ft.
2. Age of Big Ben is 151 Years.
3. Reliability is one of its key features as it has rarely failed or stopped due to any technical or any other problem. The clock kept on tinkling during World War II even when the House of Commons was destroyed.
4. The Clock was designed by Edmund Beckett Denison with a remarkable accuracy.
5. According to some engineers the tower is leaning but it can’t be seen with naked eyes.
6. The main bell in tower is also known as great bell; its nickname is Big Ben. The original bell weight was 16.25 tones.
7. 31st May, 1859 was the first day when Big Ben chimed.
8. A golden inspiration is written in Latin at the base of each dial. The inspiration is “DOMAINE SALVAM FAC REGINAM NOSTRUM VICTORIAM PRIMAM” its meaning in English is “O LORD SAFE OUR QUEEN VICTORIA THE FIRST”.
9. After every 15 minutes it chimes and sound is heard up to 5 miles.
10. A union flag is flown from the Victoria tower when parliament is in session.
11. Every year the time of the clock is adjusted with the help of an old British penny. A penny is added to the pendulum if clock is fast and one is removed if clock is slow.
12. Big Ben has gone through different problems for very first day when decision was taken to build it. Budget issues or delays in delivery and even minute hand were changed twice as it was too heavy to move around the clock face.