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Tel Aviv Beaches, Hotels, And Culture A Beautiful City Of Israel

Do you know where the capital city of Israel is? That is Jerusalem, but don’t you know that Israel also has the de facto capital city? That is Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv is the metropolitan city in Israel that is included one of the beautiful places. It is located near Jaffa city or more known as Yafo.

In 1950 Yafo and Tel Aviv gather together as one city that is called Tel Aviv-Yafo. There are also some Palestine people who live in Yafo. It is not surprising that this city will be the second overpopulated city in Israel. The people of Tel Aviv are called Tel Avivian. It is also the place for many foreign embassies. PBB and many countries in the world more admit this city as the capital city of Israel than Jerusalem.

Here you will see the luxurious life with many Bauhaus buildings that are very beautiful and it can be one of our holiday destinations. Not only that the whitey city of Tel Aviv also included as one of the sites of UNESCO world heritage in 2003. Tel Aviv also can be said included as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not only that there, but also the place as the center of economic, financial capital, and business center.

For we who interested in architecture, we can come here because there, is a place for many architecture world levels that is influential with history. Many buildings and places have the classic type that merges with modern type, we can see from the roof of the house, City Park, the building shape, and many others.

The famous building in that city is Bauhaus. It is located in the center city of Tel Aviv. It is a modern building that has 5000 typestyles. However, it has been protected by UNESCO. There are also some buildings that shattered and ignored. Some people still try to make this place as previously. This city is the best place visited by tourists in the middle east and Africa.

Not only that this Tel Aviv also provides the nightlife that is quite popular. Some biggest hotels also built there such as Crown Plaza, Sheraton, Dan, Isrotel, and Hilton. In addition in this place also provide around 44 hotels. There are also the best beaches, the famous Hayarkon Park and many other places.


Byron Bay Australia Popular For Its Beaches & Surfing

Byron Bay is a point which is situated in Australia, which contains a number of beaches and it is a famous tourist destination. It is situated on the north coast of South Wales. This place contains a population of about 9000. Its average temperature is about 21 to 28 degrees centigrade and its average winter temperature is about 15 to 21 degrees centigrade. The tourists who come to see this place enjoy lot of outdoor activities and here they enjoy many festivals as well over the year. In history it is said they due to violent eruption it formed a crater due to good weather, beaches, lovely beauty with lovely white pearl sands.

If we talk about this place in history, it was a place for meeting for goods traded as well and besides that, it is also for drug settings as well and for marriage partners also. Today in the world, this place is one of the best destinations. It is a true place for everyone and for sandy, it is also a hot spot as well. Even for winter months it is loved and endured by its white beaches. Blue skies, azure waters are the best settings for the families, friends and even for young people as well. People who take wave by wave it takes heart.

There are many attractions places to see like Hot air ballooning, surfing lessons, scuba diving, Cape Byron lighthouse, wildlife tours, national; park walks. One of the interesting places you will live the most is the crystal castle. If you love water you should sea kayaking where you will hang out with dolphins. Besides that, you will hang out with boutiques, restaurants, pubs, cafes and this beach is available with all the varieties of things with all luxurious wealthy.

Overall it is a perfect place for destination as well. People love to come here, to spend their time with their families and with their friends as well. It is a perfect point for relaxation, overall it is the best place for enjoying. If you are visiting Australia you should visit this place.

Pink Hillier Lake Of Western Australia

When we talk about any lake one thing is come in our mind, it will look like a pool which contains blue water but there is one lake which does not contain blue but pink water. This pink lake is originally known as a hillier lake. It is situated in the Middle Island of Western Australia. If you see it from above Ariel’s view, it’s will look alike a bubble in pink color. It is 600 meters long and it’s along by a border of sand.

This charming and beautiful Hillier Lake was discovered in the year 1802 by Captain Flanders. He found it when he moves to the island top and sees some pink water. This lake is separated from the blue southern ocean by a very thick strip of the sandhill. Nobody can find why the lake color is pink. The scientist thinks that by bacteria, color comes from the salt crust. it is a mystery for everyone.

As I talked about pink lake discovery, when water is extracted, the pink lake remains untouched. It is magic and due to this many tourists come to see Hillier Lake because it one of a natural wonder. The pink color is a mystery for people because nobody can find it why this lake color is pink.

While you visit the Pink Hillier Lake, you can also do plenty of things in Esperance. There is a museum that displays a lot of things related to this mysterious place. You can also enjoy many activities like scuba diving, whale watching, cycling, walking, horse riding, abseiling and kayaking, etc. It is also said that Hillier Lake is recognized for birdlife international, it is an important bird area because it holds different numbers of birds who are migrated from other places or inherited.

Overall Hillier Lake is a very beautiful place to visit. Yes, It is very astonishing because of its color but you can do some activities as well. Hillier Lake attracted tourists due to its pink color and its surrounding with trees and sand. It is a beautiful and awesome picture of any scenery. You can’t move your eye when you see Hillier Lake.

Six Best Beaches In Australia

Many of the beaches in Australia are well known and popular for hundreds of reasons. Victoria’s Great Ocean Road is the road that connects many surf beaches. Australia is having many breath-taking coastal journeys. At the west, Indian Ocean Drive is offering white sands, fishing towns, coral reefs, and national parks. There is one spectacular coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte.

Australian Coast

The Australian coastline is having a length of about50, 000 kilometers. The white sandy beaches are not at all populated or polluted. There are fewer crowds there. Australia’s Coast is also on the World Heritage List. There are many café’s offering fresh fish dishes that are delicious. Once people visit here, the calmness it offers and the gentle breeze that is so compelling that the overall scenery becomes a part of their lives forever.

Spooky’s Beach

It is the best place for those people who love surfing. It is situated about 20 kilometers from Yamba at the southern side. The long and crescent-shaped is often overlooked, but that means it is having fewer crowds, and those interested in surfing are mostly found there. There are many sandy crabs residing there too.

Currarong Beach

Currarong is offering the qualities of world-class in just a small residential town. The houses built there are close to the beach itself. The environment is relaxing and many dolphins, seals, and even whales can be seen from the top of the cliffs.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile is located neat Nowra inside its own National Park which is being surrounded by the sand dunes. There are plenty of forests out there too. It has all the facilities of barbecuing and picnic facilities.

Treachery Beach

The isolated beach is located near the well-known Seal Rocks. There is however no permission for camping here. The fishing season starts in March till June. Pods of dolphins can often be seen here.

Merimbula Beach

It is located at the prime location on the Sapphire Coast. It is the best beach for family get-together since it is having its own magical themes for kids. There are water slides, Mountain slides, roller coaster, mini-grand Prix track, and golf course. It is having many lagoons which include the Bar, Spencer Park, and Short Point.

Great Barrier Reef Activities, What To Do List

The Great Barrier Reef by extreme is one of Australia’s most noteworthy gifts and one of the seven miracles of the world. Including around 2,900 distinct reefs, dispersed with stunning islands and serene coral cays, the Great Barrier Reef is a must-do on any holiday schedule.

Lizard Island

This beautiful Island with 24 powdery-white seashores, 40 deluxe suites, five-star cuisine, coddling spa dealings, and sensational scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef consistently makes the Top 10 Hotels of the World list.

Green Island

This primeval coral cay with 46 lavish suites is a widespread day visitor with visitors from around the world experiencing the exclusive island rainforest, sandy white coasts, dazzling coral reefs, and copious marine life.

Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy Island is a continental island which is the home to a diversity of stifling fish and coral life. Guest amenities at Fitzroy Island Resort comprise a restaurant, a swimming pool and spa, swim-up pool bar, meeting rooms, function rooms, a cinema, and kids’ playroom.

Orpheus Island

The fringing reef of this Great Barrier Reef Resort is one of the most outstanding and miscellaneous. With lodging for 34 guests this extravagant resort offers complete isolation and tranquility.

The Whitsundays

The Whitsundays form the biggest offshore island series on the Great Barrier Reef, including74 striking islands. It is the place for rich proficiencies adventure whether its Eco-style, family welcoming, activity-centered, food & wine engrossed, or pure indulgence you are after, there is a Whitsunday Island experience to suit all.

Heron Island

Heron Island is a prevalent choice for divers, swimmers, and folks who love to scuba dive. Turtles return here year after year to lay their eggs and visitors can pucker just outside their rooms to watch the fledglings make their way to the water. The resort supplies to both couples and families and has roughly 100 relaxed rooms.
Some of the activities to be done here are:

Great Barrier Reef Tours

Reef Tours leave daily from Cairns, Port Douglas, and the Whitsundays area. Some of the annexations on the platform are submerged coral viewing observatory, semi-submersible drives, glass-bottom boat excursions, nautical touch tank, snorkel platform, kids fenced swim area, sun baking surface and much more.

Scenic Flights

From height the hues of the Great Barrier Reef are splendid. Dugong, Manta Rays, large Green Turtles, and at certain times of the year huge Hump Back Whales make taking a scenic flight a very exceptional and striking experience.

Great Barrier Reef Dive Expeditions

Diving the remote areas of the Ribbon Reefs and the Coral Sea entails you to link a live-aboard dive voyage. The quest of learning to dive as well as remaining out on the Great Barrier Reef on a liveaboard dive vessel is a matchless experience.


Fishing is one of the most prevalent Great Barrier Reef happenings. The Great Barrier Reef suggests many thrilling and diverse fishing opportunities contingent on the season and circumstances.


Fraser Island Popular Tourists Destination In Brisbane

Fraser Island is an island on the south coast side of Queensland in Australia. It is situated 200 km north of Brisbane City. It covers an area of 1880 square meters. It was being included in the list of World Heritage Site list in 1992. It is the largest sand island in the whole world and also the largest island of Queensland, 6th largest in Australia.

The island receiver annual rainfall and the species of trees include eucalyptus, wallum, rainforests, mangrove forests, peat swamps, coastal heaths, and sand dunes. It’s been 750,000 years since the sand is accumulating on the volcanic bedrock which is a natural catchment for sediments.

Mycorrhizal fungi growth is abundant and rich in Fraser Island. Many mammal species, reptiles, amphibians, and birds reside in this island. The area is under the protection of Great Sandy National Park. Human Beings first set the foot on this island some 5000 years ago and since then they are permanent inhabitants too. As much as 400 people live on the island.

It has become a popular tourist spot and 350,000 to 500,000 tourists visit the area per annum. One of the reasons of visiting is the golden chance of seeing a natural dingo. Central Station is also a popular, well-known destination for visiting on the island. Very rare ferns grow along the station.

The species of rare fish that is found on the island include Tailor, surf bream, jewfish, flathead, while whiting, and golden trevally. For those who love to camp, Fraser Island provides the latest types of equipment too. The most known and popular camping areas are One Tree Rocks, Waddy Beach, Dundubara campground, Central Station Tent Sites, Cornwells Break, etc.

For trekkers and climbers, Fraser island challenges them with the opportunity of overnight trekking. Fraser Island Great Walk is nearly 90 kilometers long. The island has exceptional extravagant beauty. The Sand blows from colored sands. Great Sandy Strait is listed by the convention on wetlands of International importance. Dingoes are endangered on the island of Fraser. Best of luck girls, as we left for hostel.

A kid playing with stick-on Fraser Island, its also consider one of the safest family destinations in Australia.

Fraser Island Australia.

Things to do in Brisbane Australia, Best Places And Attractions

Brisbane is the 3rd largest city in Australia and the capital of Queensland. It is located near the river of Brisbane in between the plains of Moreton Bay and the Great Dividing Range. It is counted as one of the most popular holiday destinations of people. The locals from the northern part mostly visit this place in winter.

Brisbane contains many beaches, world heritage rain forest and a very active nightlife. Mostly tourists like to hire a bicycle to have a look at the city’s most beautiful places. If you are a shopaholic, then you would probably want to visit Brisbane shopping heaven. Air travel is the best option to choose for visiting Brisbane. Many tourists start their tours in Australia from Brisbane.

There are many places to visit in Brisbane for example Kangaroo Point, Rosalie, Fortitude Valley, Stones Corner, Milton, Paddington, New Farm, and the West End etc. The place-to-visit lists have a must tick on the following. Enjoying the scenic breathtaking view from the Mountain Coot-tha, Cruise the River, pay a visit to the parklands on Southbank, taste the local mouthwatering sea-water, to get information in the Cultural sector of the city, and of course hold or hug a koala at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The most popular dish of Brisbane is the Moreton Bay bugs.

The parkland at the South Bank works as the center of Queensland Cultural Center which is a congregation of Museum, Performing Arts, Convention Center, and a very innovative Art Gallery. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. For those who are not into the arts, soaking the sun at the street beach is another option.

Cruising across the Brisbane River is unbeatable. The Brisbane City Cat is a part of extravagant ferry services which provides an excellent opportunity to take a panorama view of the city at night.

The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary is a great way to get experienced all the wildlife in Australia for those who love animals. Kangaroos can also be found out here.

80 m height of the Story Bridge challenges the climbers and trekkers from around the world to feel the fresh air at the clear sky. Once reached there, one can experience Moreton Bay in the east and the city skyline.

Brisbane is also a very attractive city for its nightlife, the above picture is of skyline view and the below is the most popular story bridge at night.